Problems with ashRetro2 part 2


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Problems with ashRetro2 part 2

Bericht door PrincessFiona » 22 jun 2017 12:34

I'm not sure why my thread was locked. I have made no changes to my phpBB to take away the powered by phpBB. I have also upgraded my forums to phpBB3.04 and tried to reinstall the template. I have never intentionally changed the powered by in the footer...if it was missing, it was accidental when trying to edit the template.

It appears that the ashRetro2 is not upgraded to the current phpBB version and so there are a few small issues for users like them being unable to change their avatars.

Is there a current version for phpBB3.04 You are more than welcome to visit the forums and make sure that I am using the powered by code at any time. :oops: